50 shades of grey

50 shades of greyWith the recent explosion of the “50 shades of Grey” series it really got me thinking about the lifestyle and how it could and should be the 51st shade… and even beyond.

The BDSM movement and the small insight this series gives into a lifestyle choice such as this needed to be expanded into a more sexually liberated view of poly relationships and couples who enjoy consensual intimate encounters with multiple partners. BDSM or any other niche sexual exploration is only a small part of a healthy curiosity about human sexuality and breaking down barriers in the pursuit of a sensual beings’ exploration. In this respect I thought the series did a great service for breaking down the mystique around a once thought of taboo subject but it fell a little short.

I then turned my view to the thousands of members on intothelifestyle.com and the conversations around sexuality. There is a huge movement of people who want more than a mundane and scripted sex life. Literally every day I talk to people who are simply curious about exploring their desires (even if they never pursue them the still wish to explore the concept) all the way to people organizing orgies and even larger events.

I am proud of the community I am part of and the constant growth I see in it as more and more people find their way into the lifestyle. I truly feel that anyone, regardless of their level of curiosity can learn so much from speaking freely with like minded people about sex and their own desires.

So are you ready to explore the 51st shade of grey? If so I invite you to join Into The Lifestyle and continue what you started with the first 50 shades.

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