Swingers Secret

My juicy secret is that I am a swinger/ sexual enthusiast.

Swingers Secret
A swinger tells a secret

I use the latter term because it’s much broader in its definition. Not everyone knows this about me and that’s what makes it juicy.

I live a normal life. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter and a professional. If you saw me at the grocery store I wouldn’t stand out in any way. The only difference is that I almost always have a smile. Why? Because I love my life.

Anyone I have shared my juicy secret with has tons of questions. I know I sure did in the beginning too. The biggest thing I have learned is not to try and fit a mold. It’s not what most people think, it’s more like a choose your own adventure pastime.

My husband and I do not always seek others out to play with, but we do surround ourselves with our friends on the swinger community on IntoTheLifestyle.com. We love discussions around sexuality and hearing about everyone’s adventures. By doing this we are engaged in a constant communication with each other and it’s exhilarating to say the least. Whether online or at events there is so much fun and playfulness surrounding the ITL community. Sex is fun and limitless, or at least in my world it is.

Learning and growing is what life is all about. And being that there is no handbook to personally guide you through each step of your sexual journey, and in almost every aspect of life, we learn from others. So it just feels right to look to others and learn from them when it comes to sex.

Since entering the lifestyle I have had the pleasure of connecting and learning with so many amazing people. All of which have made a huge difference in my own journey and relationship.

It has made a huge difference in how we view each other and ourselves. When you are in a partnered relationship it’s a tad a limiting. You have one partner to see naked and one partner to work your sexy moves on. When there is no outside inspiration where does the creativity come from? With everything else you take on in life how do you foster your sexual growth? There are so many stages in life where sex is ever evolving.

There is the young and wild and free sex, the honey moon phase sex, and trying for a baby sex, the post baby sex, the I’m-really-not-feeling-sexy-right-now sex, the vacation free spirited sex, drunk sex, the I-never-want-to-see-you-again sex, celebration sex, Tuesday-night-and-no-one-wants-to-put-in-tons-of-effort sex. Combine all that (just to name a few) with the rest of your life you are balancing, it’s no wonder couples put sex on the back shelf and it’s not a priority.

I invite you to try on being a sexual enthusiast, even is just for one evening. Pull up the laptop in bed, log into IntoTheLifestyle.com and see what you discover about yourself. I invite you to create a free profile and really think about what you like, and what you don’t like. Every time you think about what turns you on you will discover another layer about yourself you didn’t realize existed. And you know what will naturally occur? You will find it easier and easier to become turned on. And the more you think about it, you will discover even more. At first you may have the experience of not knowing; which is totally normal. If your sexuality has been on a shelf for a while, it will just take some dusting off. But look out, like an onion more and more layers will be discovered.

This doesn’t mean you have to run out to an event right away, nor does it mean you have to share your partner with others, but what it will create is closeness and knowing each other newly. You will be invited into a new world of ideas and stimulation. And for the first time it will allow you to see things about yourself and you can celebrate your sexy self in a whole new way.


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