June had come and gone and the weather had yet to get anywhere near what we were used to for the time of year. I could tell you were going stir crazy watching the yard get more overgrown by the day but you kept yourself busy with indoor items waiting for the clouds to break and the sun to shine.

Finally the weather report looked like we were about to get a dry spell and the type of weather that makes your cloths fall off. You started to make calls to bring in the various items you needed for the list you had compiled and all of my little honey-do requests prior to our annual pool party. The next morning the sun did come out as expected and you were out in the yard before I had even got out of bed. We only had a week before dozens of friends would be over and you had a lot to accomplish.  I caught myself watching you throughout the day and noticing all of the hard work you were doing. By night time you came in exhausted but happy with your progress and I rewarded you with your favorite dish and a soft muscle massage to release the tension of the day.

The next morning you were back outside prior to breakfast once again. I called out the window to let you know a couple girlfriends were coming over for lunch and you said that would be perfect timing for a break and a dip in the now sparkling pool.  I smiled back at you as you busied yourself moving the last of the gravel and other left over materials. I got busy preparing lunch and heard the door open and in walked Tessa and Julie. As always both were carrying bottles of wine as was the custom for our mid day “meetings” and they laughed when I said you would be disappointing they didn’t bring any beer for you. Tess’ only response was that she was sure you would like the wine just fine…

We made our way to the patio and I heard a slight mmm escape from Julie’s lips as she admired your glistening body and tussled hair. This caught Tess’ attention as well and she looked over at you and I could see the fire light within her. You heard us come out and looked up with that amazing smile of yours and said you would be over to join us shortly. The girls strategically placed their chairs so they could see you and I smiled knowing the show would be worth it. The afternoon passed and the wine quickly disappeared and you had finally completed all you had set out to do. You came over to join us but I half seriously shoo’d you away as you were dripping in sweat and the girls were about to tear your shorts off to help you cool down. You laughed, took a long drink of my wine and said you would jump in the pool to cool off and get “clean”. I joked that you had better not take your dirty shorts in my clean pool and both the girls wholeheartedly agreed that you had better take them off, immediately. I smiled at you and agreed so you dutifully walked to the pool, took your boots off and dropped your shorts showing us your tight untanned ass. I howled in laughter, the girls stared and you jumped in the pool.[pullquote_right]Julie let out a simple “may I” and I responded “yes please”.[/pullquote_right]

I watched as Tess and Julie watched your every move and I thought to myself, why not… “hey ladies do you feel like cooling down in the pool?” Julie almost knocked the table over jumping up to slip out of her sun dress, Tess laughed and shrugged out of her tank top and dropped her skirt as they both made their way to the pool. I saw you look back just as their feet touched the water on the stairs and your jaw dropped. Both Tess and Julie kill it at the gym when we go and I could see by the look in your eye that you appreciated their hard work. I slipped out of my dress and slid into the water behind them and we swam out to join you near the middle. Swimming, splashing and small talk soon turned into playful flirting between the four of us and I suggested the hot tub may be in order to just relax and let your tired muscles release after all your hard work.

The four of us left the cool water of the pool and slipped into the hot tub and settled into the four corners. I sat across from you and the girls were on either side. Every once in awhile I could see you jump a little and I knew feet were exploring you under the water. I decided enough was enough and I stood up and waded over to you. I told you to sit up on the edge and I would rub your tired muscles. You looked at me shocked but obeyed quickly and before I knew it I was standing in between your legs rubbing your chest and stomach. I felt the water move and Tess had moved in beside me to rub your leg as Julie positioned herself to rub the other.

Our hands were drawn towards your beautiful cock that was starting to grow as we inched closer to it. Julie and Tess’ hands had already moved to your upper thighs and I could tell you were pressing forward encouraging them to move further. I moved my hand down your six pack and teased the tip of your now rock hard cock with my finger tips. Julie took the que and did the same from below on your balls and Tess firmly grabbed your shaft sliding her hand up and down… massaging you. You gasped in disbelief and pleasure as six hands caressed your body and cock. Julie let out a simple “may I” and I responded “yes please”. Her tongue began to explore your balls and Tess quickly added her lips to your shaft. I took the head of your member into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it like I do for you almost every night. Your head eased back as you let out a moan of pleasure. Your hand pressed my head down and you half forced me to deep throat you… Ive never been able to take all of you but god knows I have tried. Julie playfully pushed me aside and also attempted to take all of you in, she was close but again not quite. Tess giggled and told us both to look out and for you to hold on. She positioned her lips over the tip of your cock and both Julie and I gasped as before we knew it her tongue was tickling your balls with your entire cock in her throat. You groaned hard and deeper than I have ever heard and you proceeded to pump your hips to get every inch of you in her mouth. You half whimpered you were close and wanted to cum. Tess pulled herself off of you and the three of us lined up in front of you to receive your cum. Julie stroked you firmly and shared your hot man juice onto our tits.

You body shook and quivered as we began to lightly lick your juice off of each other. As your eyes reopened and our eyes met I lipped to you – “Thanks for what you do”. You laughed loud and replied “ANYTIME!”

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  1. Denvercpl

    July 26, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    Extremely hot read – thank you!


  2. alexandblueeyes

    July 31, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    Damn sexy. Need help with the yardwork?


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