I was tense.

The week had drained me and all I could think of was sitting down to a nice glass of wine in front of the fire when the phone rang. My husband had made plans for us, which was so unlike him and he sounded fairly excited for a night out. I agreed to drinks with friends as long as it was an early night and he said that wouldn’t be a problem. Right then I should have known he was up to something by the tone in his voice but to be honest I was to drained to care at the moment.

We met a couple who live close to us a little later at the local “be seen” spot and after a few drinks I was feeling much more relaxed and ready to see where the night would lead. The conversation quickly turned to lifestyle chat as we knew the couple well from the local swingers club and other adult functions. Our waitress was a looker that night and I knew her from the gym. I’d often fantasized about having her in the gym shower but the opportunity was never there so I left those thoughts to my imagination. She was more flirty than usual this evening though so I was quick to invite her out with us later that evening for some drinks… she coyly teased me with a maybe and she would call me later.

As the beginning of the night wound down we decided to drop in on friends who were having a dinner for four at their house with a couple who were very new to the lifestyle. We joking discussed just jumping into their hot tub and shooting them a text to join us after we had but thought better of it in case we came across to brash.

We arrived with wine in hand and were greeted at the door by long kisses from friends and were then introduced to our soon to be friends. After some light chat and a few more  glasses of wine we all decided the party needed to be moved to the hot tub so we quickly undressed in the kitchen of all places and made our way to the secluded outdoor tub. The weather was wet and cold for a late June night so I was happy to get into the hot water after a quick run from the patio with drinks in hand.

As we settled into the tub the ladies were moving around as the jets pushed them teasing and flirting with each other and the guys… the mood quickly turned to sensual when our hosts recalled a similar night when the term “ding ding” was coined. After a quick check in with spouses and to ensure all were on the same page we decided a round two was in order and we quickly explained what “ding ding” meant. Basically the guys pick a seat around the outside of the tub and the ladies go in the middle.You then slowly move in a circle until one of the ladies calls Ding Ding and then all ladies go to the guy who they are facing. Soft play ensues with BJs, kissing and heavy petting until another (or the same) lady calls Ding Ding and you then move clockwise to the next guy and repeat. This has quickly become a favorite hot tub party starter for us as it is light and fun and as always us ladies are in control. I also know for a fact the guys love it from all the moans and groans they make during the game.

As the night got colder and the drinks ran out we decided the party needed to move upstairs and did it ever! Several hours later there were 8 exhausted people covered in sweat, cum and squirt with the silliest of grins on their faces. LOL as I write this that same grin has returned and I am eagerly awaiting my next chance to play Ding Ding…

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  1. Heri

    August 3, 2012 at 12:18 am

    Not a good thing. Weve seen the stories and dncomeutaries before, have you ever seen anything mainstream doing anything but trying to portray it as cheating?When in fact swinging is the exact opposite of cheating. One being sex or relations without consent and a breach of trust, and swinging is sex with consent and as a act of pure trust.These things always focus on it as bad for marriage which is ironic with 65% divorce rates among the monogomous. These always turn out to be the monogmous trying to make it something underground and an errosion of culture! to make them feel better about their lifestyle choice of monogomy and repressed sexual desire.Well get the same therapists that help to create stereotypes about relationships and helped to ingrain social ideals for decades now explaining why they werent wrong and this swinging is bad for society and relationships.It will never be portrayed positively, as that shoots themselves in the foot.Ironically, liberal media and liberal producers of countless dncomeutaries every day promote gay marriage as a lifestyle choice or even a genetic related situation. And whichever you believe about homosexuality genetic of socially derived either one, there is no doubt that desire for multiple partners or desire to have sex with men and women you see is far more natural.Shame we are forced to be ashamed, while gay pride rallies are celebrated.


  2. dating

    April 8, 2013 at 1:39 am

    Keep on working, great job!


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