We all have something, some of us even have a few things – “ahem” ok, some have many things that hold us back in life and the lifestyle.

 We are after all human and we have a lot to deal with. Our days are filled with ever changing situations. Some we like and some we don’t so we work through them the best we can.

 But are you working through your ‘stuff’ powerfully? Are there some views around sexuality that may be hindering your self-expression? What I see possible is that the lifestyle can create the space for healing and sexual growth as well as an increase in awareness. If you live in the western world you can’t help but have sexual restraints. It’s simply unavoidable.

 Everywhere you look we are bombarded with messages about sexuality. Most of the messaging states that sexuality is taboo and shameful. “Shame on all those people who are sexually expressed and enjoying themselves in the bedroom.” Laugh out loud if you will, but there are constant messages you have taken in and you believe. You may not even be aware that you have. Some of them might be very subtle but all of them will stifle your satisfaction.

 I love to see people self-expressed and loving life. Passion is a great source of joy and I believe most adults in our society are held back in the joy and passion department. I am not sure if it’s from not knowing how to bring more joy into their lives, or the lack of time due to over scheduling, but most people simply don’t love life. Ask anyone of your friends and they’ll be quick to complain about how there life hasn’t turned out quite the way they wanted it to.

Sensual Interest explores relationship desires

 At what point did we all forget who’s life this is?

 It’s YOURS and yours alone, and you have everything you need to enjoy it right now.

 All it will take is realizing that you have taken on restraints and beliefs that are holding you back. Realize them and choose to let them go. It is important to know what you like and don’t like but I invite you to look at what’s possible. There is a huge circle of items you know you love, and your partner has a huge circle of his/her own, and only where your circles overlap, is what you tend to do. It’s human nature to be a creature of habit, I invite you to interrupt that and step outside your box.

Life is a dance and meant to be enjoyed; Have fun and be playful!


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