Fake Swingers Review site

Normally would write this type of opinion piece to express our views and leave out the offending link so the site in question wouldn’t benefit from a link to their content. In this case though we thought outing something that is against every fibre of what the lifestyle is about should also point you, our readers, to the site we are speaking about and warn you about them.

Today we want to warn you about fake review sites, and in particular http://swingers-dating-guide.com

Swingers-Dating-Guide.com takes the #1 spot for underhanded tactics in the way they misinform people who unknowingly stumble on their fake review site.

Throughout the site numerous well known and established sites are subject to libelous misinformation with the intent of demoting their good standing while promoting that of their own sites. When you look at this site it is quiet evident that it’s sole intent is to promote their 4 sites and 1 affiliate link while discrediting others. From the poor English, fake comments (and no means of leaving any other comments) to the out right lies that are written; we would suggest that this site is looking for a lawsuit.

Fake Swingers Review site
Underhanded and low – not what the lifestyle is about

We invite you to share this knowledge via social media and other means to ensure others are not lured into this sites’ lies. If you are on any of the sites that are being discredited via this site, share this with them! I am sure they would like to know and perhaps bring forward their own legal proceedings like a few other sites have already started against this site and its owners.

Stand up for the lifestyle and its open, accepting and honest ways of being!



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  1. Jim

    July 1, 2014 at 2:48 am

    Great post, I had a feeling that that site was off just a bit.

    Any other websites you would recommend for contacting other swingers? I really liked ITL but unfortunately the free trial ended and I didnt feel like paying 20 dollars to do something that can be done for free.


    • Sensual Admin

      July 3, 2014 at 4:52 am

      I suppose there are other means of finding like minded play friends but we have yet to find a site that give you more than ITL. If you use something like CL then you will get inundated with fakes and god knows what else so be very careful. It is also our experience that the free sites that do pop up are not worth the time as they are either new sites trying to scratch out a membership by luring you in or data mining sites where I would be worried about my personal information.


  2. john

    July 14, 2014 at 10:09 am

    i fell for the scam reviews… oh i wish i had looked harder, spent good money in erotic Ad after reading that review, shame i found this one 3 days too late,


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