We arrived early that day to our favorite nude beach to find the tide out and that not many had made the way down to our favorite spot in the sun.

Usually by this time of day prime secluded spots are at a premium but today we were able to get one that afforded us a little more privacy than usual. There was a shimmer on the water and our bodies glistened from the suntan oil and a slight mix of sweat from the heat. The simmering heat had us dipping in the cool ocean a few times and also allowed us to get up and move to see who else we may see in the sexy sun. As the day moved along a few more people started to find spots of their own and a deliciously curvy woman setup her blanket not to far away from us.

You started to reapply my oil and I noticed you looking over at the woman, she had magnificent breasts and hips that I would have loved to grab on to. As your hand trailed its way down my legs I saw you were getting aroused and had dirty thoughts on your mind so I spread my legs slightly for easier access. You smiled coyly at me and shifted your body so I could see the blood was starting to rush to your cock and it was growing at the thought of what might come. I let out an appreciative gasp as I usually do when I find myself transfixed on your delicious eight inch cock. This caught our neighbors attention as I saw her peek over to see what the expression was about. Her eyes locked on your cock and I saw her lips part in a slight smile. She must have known what you were thinking and she rolled onto her side giving us both a clear view of her perfectly trimmed pussy.[pullquote_right]I let out an appreciative gasp as I usually do when I find myself transfixed on your delicious eight inch cock[/pullquote_right]

I saw this as an opportunity and I wasn’t going to let it pass me by so I gave her a wink and she returned it almost instantly. I turned to face her with my back towards you but I was sure not to cover her view of your now rock hard cock. I grabbed the suntan oil from you and proceeded to cover my exposed chest in oil, lots of oil, and slowly sensually rub it all over myself. She smiled at me and reached for her own bottle only to find that it had spilled and she was empty so she gestured to borrow some of ours. I replied “of course, sharing is caring after all” to which she giggled and started to stand up to come over. I told her to sit still and I would have you bring it over for her. You did so without question or hesitation and before she knew it there you were standing in front of her as she sat up to almost the perfect height to stare at your erection. She peaked past you at me and I nodded a yes to her without you knowing. She reached up to grab the oil but instead wrapped her fingers around your shaft and pulled you closer to put her tongue to the tip of your penis. Now it was your turn to gasp and you quickly looked back at me to see a big smile across my face and my hand making its way to my wet pussy. You turned slightly so I could get a clear view as she began to work your cock with her hands and mouth and I started to work my pussy with my fingers.

Your knees looked weak with intense pleasure so I told you to kneel down on her blanket. She laid down in front of you and wrapped her legs around your waist pulling you down on her. Her pussy was dripping with anticipation and you big cock slide in all the way easily without hesitation. I could see you pressing down on her and your balls were pressed hard against her starfish. I walked over for a closer view and sat beside her but in doing so she quickly pulled my over her so I was straddling her face. My pussy was throbbing for her touch and I quickly warned her that I was a squirter to which she replied “fuck that’s hot and I am thirsty!”. You leaned forward into me pulling my nipple into your mouth and you began to thrust into her hard. She whimpered a little at first but that quickly turned it gasps of pleasure. The harder you pumped her the harder her fingers and tongue worked me over. My legs started to shake and she rammed her fingers in me deeper almost begging for me to cum. I did as she wished with a loud throaty moan and soaked her face and tits with my squirt and a mind blowing orgasm. She squeezed my ass pulling me down to dig her tongue inside me to pull out every last drop of me before I collapsed beside the two of you still fucking. She told you to get up she wanted to ride your hard shaft so you quickly complied. Once again opportunity presented itself and I climbed on top of your face to ride out another wet orgasm to your familiar and talented tongue.

Her hip rhythm started to match mind as we ground down on you grabbing onto each other and deeply placing our tongues into each others mouths. I could feel her getting close and my intention was to join her in the upcoming orgasm. Our rythms started to increase in sync and our bodies gyrated ontop of you. You reached up to pull my down harder onto you face and she started to buck wildly on your cock. I loudly announced I was about to cum again to which she responded that she was too. We came. Hard. In sync and in mind numbing fashion. Her hips didnt stop and she pushed me off of your face and stared intently into your eyes begging for your juices. You couldn’t hold out any longer and my cum was still dripped down your face as you let out a load groan and she hopped off of you and grabbed your cock to stroke the cum out into her mouth. Ive never seen you shake like that before and my body twitched in unison to your convulsions of pleasure.

The two of us collapsed beside you and stared up at the glorious hot sun with big grins on our faces. She reached for a bottle of water that was slightly out of reach and had to sit up slightly and as she did so she let out a laugh. We both sat up to see why and to find we had an audience of several other couples taking in our hot afternoon session and were well into play time of their own from our inspired performance.

I can not wait until our next visit to our favorite beach.

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