Hot Tub Steam

I want that… we should become sisters wives

My interest was caught, did I just hear what I think I heard come out of their conversation? I made myself busy shaking a new round of martinis as I caught a new look of acknowledgment from all three of my wife’s friends.

Before we get to far let’s go back a little bit in the timeline of this story, names have been removed and events have been “embellished” but the premise remains the same…

People want what we have; happiness.

Let’s not make light of the fact that it took us years to figure out how to be happy on our own let alone in a relationship and now that we have it (with a lot of work) the feeling is infectious and we freely share it with friends whenever we have the opportunity to be together.

The day started like any other weekend does for us, plans set with people who we want to share our lives with and a general purpose for the weekend theme – FUN. Being the responsible one I volunteered to take care of the ladies via service and shuttling to and from any places they wished to be but as luck would have it the night would turn into an evening on our patio. I set to my host tasks to make sure nothing was missed and the girls had want of nothing ( READ: I enjoy performing acts of service). As the night began I took my best shot at becoming a mixologist for the night and came up with various fresh pressed martinis for the ladies and I guess in hindsight a few might have been a wee bit strong.

Seeing as my wife and I enjoy an open relationship and freely express ourselves the conversation quickly turned towards what I would call interesting. The ladies talked about relationships and how ours seemed to work so well and without hesitation the fact that we openly shared and expressed ourselves was pinpointed as the reason. From then on I could tell there was intrigue by our fun vanilla friends and the night was going to turn into one that needed to be captured in writing. The playful remarks and suggestions began from all four of the ladies as I continued being “unaware” of where the conversation was leading. Soon remarks became not so subtle advances so I eagerly played along with a wink from my wife that this was happening.

After what seemed only minutes it was suggested that we slip into the pool for a dip and more drinks at the lower bar next to our hot tub. This was briefly discussed by the girls seeing as none had brought suits and they quickly decided that they were not needed due to the fact that they were now my sister wives and it would just be normal to be without restraint. I told the girls to go ahead and I would prepare some poolside cocktails and get everything ready for them and the hurriedly moved to the lower deck dropping clothes as they went. You should have seen the sight, four perfect bare asses walking our pool deck in the moonlight elegance of our backyard oasis… I hoped things were about to go places I had dreamed they would from the moment I met these ladies.

I carried down towels and housecoats first and then followed up by lighting the outdoor fire place and placing our drinks beside it. They girls taunted me relentlessly to join them in the warm water to which I joked I was worried about it being chilly and my not being able to endure any shrinkage as I needed everything I had for my ego. My wife scoffed at this and said she was sure there was more than enough of me for the four ladies and that the water was more than warm enough for my delicate disposition. As this was happening two accomplices had snuck up behind me and proceeded to wrestle me into the pool – clothed! Giggles ensued from the ladies as they proceeded to rescue me from drowning by the weight of my t-shirt, jeans.. and briefs… so that we all matched in our birthday suits.

You need to picture the scene; our pool is secluded and the only light we had at this time was from the moon and the outdoor fireplace so there was definitely a sexy mood being cast. Steam was rising from the pool which added to this and unless you were up close you couldn’t really see all that well what was going on. Advantage ladies.

Like a goldfish in a tank of sharks I could feel the water moving around me as bodies came closer. Fleeting instances of shared body heat were shared and then removed as the girls performed a water nymphs dance around me. Lips touched my neck and then disappeared, then again on my exposed chest and then gone. I caught glimpses of different hair colors coming in and out of my vision as hands began to explore my body underwater… first one hand, then three. At times I couldn’t tell if all eight hands were on me or if it was just the rush of moving water around me as the girls circled and whispers were exchanged. At one point I thought I heard my wife say anything goes but I couldn’t decide if it was my own imagination yearning or if it was reality.

Hands become more exploratory as the slid lower down my chest, back and stomach and whispers became muted moans. I caught a glance of my wife kissing one of the girls in a deep passionate locking embrace as the mist engulfed them and two sets of lips began to explore my neck and chest. The water temperature seemed to rise and the sounds of the night were lost in the new sounds emitting from the five of us. Someone grabbed my hand and led me to the hot tub in the dimmed moonlight to where I could see the other girls had already retreated. I slipped into the hot water between two sexy wet bodies who eagerly greeted me with hands and legs intertwining amongst my arms and waist.

Lips pressed against mine, the owners of which I couldn’t tell but the passion told me it was a kiss of unbridled needs that desired to be satiated. Bodies constantly changed as one, then two and then all four of the ladies took turns pressing up against me making sure my manhood was rock hard and the want was burning deep within me; and it was. My arousal was on overload as I yearned for more and the girls pressed the experience further.

Time seemed to stand still as each girl took turns staring into my eyes, kissing my lips and straddling me in the hot water. Gasps and moans emitted at different times as the girls felt my rock hard cock enter them for the first time. My tongue was made to work as they took turns pressing their sweetness against my mouth and shuddering into orgasm as I sucked and fingered them to ecstasy. The four continued to come back for turn after turn and I thought to myself there is no way I can continue without finishing myself. This must have been sensed because I was commanded to sit on the edge of the tub and someone proceeded to take me into her mouth. The other three stroked me, kissed me and took turns pressing in to help in the most erotic blowjob of my life. I moaned and warned that I couldn’t hold out much longer which quickened the pace of whoever was on me at the time. I moaned again, and then a third hard body convulsing time which ended in an overwhelming body shaking orgasm that made me shiver and almost collapse. MMMM’s were moaned and giggles shared as the woman took turns kissing my stomach and below as my body was wracked with deep breathes.

Several moments passed, the girls and myself slid back into the water. Smiles were shared all around and eyes locked onto each other knowing what we had just experienced was beyond words.

And then the silence broke

What are you making us for breakfast???

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