Inhibitions hold us back from living the life we want.

[quote]Inhibitions: a feeling that makes one self-conscious and unable to act in a relaxed and natural way.[/quote]
Inhibitions handcuff living the life you want

We all have them but we call them different things; walls, barriers, taboo’s… Why though?

What is stopping people like you and I from leading extraordinarily expressed lives that fulfill us at every turn? Is it our family, morale’s, perceived political correctness? Do our inhibitions stop us from booking that last minute flight to a tropical destination or from experiencing mind blowing, knee shaking sex because we are afraid of what people might think about us or our actions?

Let me ask you this; Does it really matter what others think?

Ever notice when you are around like minded adults at a lifestyle event your inhibitions drop? Is it because the collective at the party allows you to freely express yourself at the same level as everyone else at that party? You better believe it! When you surround yourself with those that share your views, desires and wants in life suddenly what was an inhibition drops because they are no longer perceived as out of the norm desires.

We believe that surrounding ourselves with lifestyle couples and singles has blown our inhibitions out of the water and our relationship has substantially improved because of the ability to be free and expressed while not being judged.

The next time you are out and about feel the vibe of the people you are with and compare it to what you feel your inhibitions are. Do this with a few different groups and settings and if you find you need to be guarded or otherwise held back… Well I know what I would do but that’s just me 😉

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