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You may have heard an interview on Playboy Radio recently during the Swing show with Holli & Michael that featured the owners of IntoTheLifestyle.com. They were speaking about the lifestyle and what makes their online community different from others available today. During the show some key points were brought up that we felt could use a little more explanation so we dug into these topics for you and asked James & Cyn to explain a little more in depth about what makes ITL unique.

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What does a ITL offer that a regular dating site doesn’t?

  • ITL was built on the premise that people want to be able to share more than a few photos and some words about themselves. Much like Facebook, ITL allows its members to interact on a deeper more social level which fosters better connections at lifestyle events and parties. We remember our first few months in the lifestyle and how hard it was. We want everyone to feel supported to explore their sexuality and learn and grow as individuals in a safe and comfortable online environment.

How do you know this is working and is what people want?

  • Numbers don’t lie and we watch our analytic data when we introduce new features or make tweaks to the community. We not only outperform every other lifestyle site out there today, we also outperform Facebook as well. When someone joins ITL they become part of a community of like minded sexual enthusiasts and that keeps them consistently coming back for their daily connection.
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Engagement comparison Dec 2013

What is the lifestyle to you and how do you promote that vision?

  • The lifestyle is all encompassing and we feel everyone on the planet is a part of it at some level. We offer an all inclusive experience that allows people to explore what the lifestyle is to them in a safe and welcoming environment and our members help each other grow through this journey. ITL is without judgement and regardless of where a single or a couple is on their journey it is perfect and they can explore and learn at their own pace.

You touched on your thoughts about swingers labels in the lifestyle, can you explain a bit more?

  • Labels are stifling and we don’t think they have a place in the lifestyle other than to describe an moment in time. For example people often say they are things like; full swap, soft swap, poly-amorous, bi-situational, bi-curious, voyeur, exhibitionist and so on. We feel labels will pigeon hole you and impede your growth and exploration of the lifestyle. Why label yourself? Use labels to describe your wants for a certain encounter or your limitations at a specific time; or to simply describe a fantasy you wish to try on. The lifestyle is like a dance, you can pick and choose each moment being very fluid. There is a no destination, and no end result. We feel everyone is simply Into the Lifestyle regardless of what their boundaries are and this is a big reason why we choose the name. We have consistently watched people evolve in their journey and know that these labels change rapidly as new ideas are explored and new eroticism gets introduced. The idea of just simply being Into The Lifestyle allows for anything to be possible. It’s about bringing fantasies into reality, or at least having the platform to learn more about what turns you on as an ever evolving sexual being.

What’s next for ITL?

  • Without giving away too much – LOTS! We have a major site update which is almost ready to be implemented. The update will allow a much better mobile experience regardless of what device you use and there are a whole host of other really cool features. We are also gearing up for our 5th anniversary party which is one of Vancouver’s largest one night lifestyle events. We are now Canada’s largest lifestyle community and we are rapidly expanding throughout the US market as well so 2014 is shaping up to be a huge year for ITL. We are pretty excited for the future of our community and meeting new sexy friends along the way!
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