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Portia’s blog links personal experience and academic research on various aspects of the lifestyle with the intention of stimulating discussion and increasing awareness. Portia writes:


I have started this blog as a way to share my experiences and insights. These include Polyamory.svgpersonal experiences as a bi-sexual woman in a consensually non-monogamous marriage, with involvement in the swinging community, with polyamory, and with some exploration of an open marriage (although my husband and I have concluded that we far prefer sharing experiences together, in general).  Professionally, my experiences extend from my work as a poly-researcher-grad-student, and as a clinician working with individuals and couples with diverse sexual orientations and relationship styles.

Despite my personal and professional history, this blog is most certainly not about academic credentials or my claiming to know it all and provide “advice”; rather, by sharing these experiences, it is my intention to increase awareness and normalization, while simultaneously decreasing stigma and misunderstanding pertaining to consensual non-monogamy.  Most importantly, it is my hope to motivate conversation and initiate dialogue between partners, friends, and communities about  alternative ways of engaging in interpersonal, sexual, social, and/or romantic relationships.

If the contents of this blog can encourage a couple to communicate more openly, to support an individual in feeling less alone, or to help the members of an “unconventional” relationship to understand and clarify their experience, then it has served its purpose.

Some of the features offered in this blog include:

  • suggestions for conversation, ideally leading to dialogue between readers in the “comments” section of the entry
  • tips, hints, and ideas for maximizing the health and happiness of your relationship(s) and how to live in a non-monogamous way authentically
  • online resources, academic and self-help reference lists, pop-culture book reviews, and discussion of various materials pertaining to non-monogamy, relationships, and sex
  • a link to Portia’s facebook page, which includes additional articles, online groups/communities, self-help references/resources, and polyamory/swinging/alternative relationship info

Happy reading!

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