The room was dark when he entered. His hands are bound before him and he is led by his mistress to the centre. There a single light revealed that his feet are also bound individually by rope and connected to his hands with just enough slack to allow for balance and a slight shuffle, hop. His ears are stopped by tape and his mouth silenced by a gag.

His mistress introduced more slack by undoing a single knot at his ankle and pushed his feet apart. She pushed on his back and he reached forward to hold himself against a wall. The rope is quickly tied to an exposed ring slightly out of sight. He cannot move without causing discomfort and must stand still. He can see no movement around him. Sweat has begun to gather on his right eyebrow.

The tape is removed from his ears and the light is dimmed. As he stands in darkness he strains to hear more than his own heart. The sweat is now in his eye and as he blinks to ease the salty sting he hears a sound. It is familiar and haunting. His cock strains in a Pavlovian response of what is to come next. He can almost feel his mistress removing the erect penis from the constraints of the leather and placing it in her mouth. Sucking hard as she takes the full length into her throat until the balls seem to crawl up onto her lips for a kiss. He can hear a sharp intake of breath and wonders if it is his. The sucking noise continues as, in his minds eye, he sees her reach around and grab an ass cheek. She likes to feel the hole widen and contract as she milks her subject. He knows that eventually the cock will be hard enough and large enough for her liking. It pushes outwards and he can feel the blood pulse in time with the vein on his forehead. He hears her heels walking towards him and a hand snakes around his front.

He is ready for his punishment.

The hand frees his engorged cock and places a ring around the base. The ring squeezes a little and stops the blood from flowing out. His already hard cock feels as if it is going to burst at the slightest touch. His bond is loosened and he is turned around. A light highlights a bed shrouded in shadows. His hands are placed behind his back and he is once again bound to the wall. Standing upright, at attention as his mistress walks away and places herself in the centre of the bed. Her pussy shows wet and pink in the light. The shadows part and a large man mounts her. As he finishes, the shadows part again and another man takes her. Again and again her pussy is assaulted as he stands at attention and watches. Pre cum drips from his tip helplessly as his balls constrict. As the men retreat back into shadow his mistress stands up and walks to him. She takes his cock into her hand and whispers; “This is mine. It will fuck me only when I say it can and only spill on my command”. As his semen drips from her fingers she smiles and leans in to give him a kiss. Releases and then leads him out of the room and back to his place in the kitchen.

This is standard punishment for all waiters that spill on mistresses new outfit.

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