Boring. What a freaking boring night to be stuck at home. With the rain and wind, the power is out and I am all alone. I think briefly of calling my wife for the fifth time but I know she is at a conference and probably won’t pick up. If she does, it will be a short and sweet conversation. I’m better off not bugging her and letting her miss me a bit. I start to think of romantic things I can surprise her with when she gets back. Maybe I’ll clean and buy flowers. Do the usual amazing husband routine and with any luck she won’t be completely exhausted from the flight back from Dallas. It’s a long one followed by a long drive home.

I walk into the living room. It is lit with a few candles to keep the darkness at bay and save my shins from the coffee table. It likes to hide and ambush me from unexpected places. The glass top is just the right height and weight to leave a nasty bruise, but not thin enough to cut. I place my glass of wine on the table and sit down. Leaning back, I start to doze thinking about what a great guy I am and how awesome the sex is going to be when she gets back. My phone buzzes against my leg. It is a girlfriend of ours. A few years ago we moved to a new neighbourhood and lets just say the neighbours were friendly. She wanted to know what I was up to all alone. We joked a little bit and she asked if she could come over for a bit. She was bored as well and her eyes were starting to hurt from reading by flashlight. I sent the wife a quick text to let her know what was happening and said sure.

When the doorbell rang I was as excited as a schoolboy with his first dirty magazine. You see, even though we had fooled around with Stephanie before, it was always as a threesome. We hung out together and most of the time it was the two women yakking or shopping, doing girl stuff. We had an open marriage but had never really had sex separately. In fact, even now, I wasn’t entirely convinced that Steph wanted me. I know what she hinted at, but my brain was telling me that that she could just as easily only be coming over to talk. After all, this wasn’t the first time a gorgeous woman had charmed her way into getting me to do something and then remembering that she had a headache or a meeting to get too.

I opened the door and there she was. Hair dripping and hanging in straggles down to her waist. Overcoat drenched. She came inside and started kissing me as soon as the door was closed. My arm went around her waist and she shrugged out of the coat. She wasn’t wearing anything except her boots. She pushed me into the living room until I fell into a chair and she knelt before me. Undoing my pants she had my cock in her mouth before I had time to say anything. At this point I just gave up and closed my eyes, enjoying the experience to the fullest. She was incredible. She would start out by flicking the head with her tongue and then slowly encircled my width with her lips and sliding down the shaft while massaging my balls until she had covered my entire length. I could feel the top of my cock straining against the back of her throat as she alternately lowered and raised her head.

She then started kissing my waist and worked her way up to my mouth until she was straddling me and I was trying to pump as fast as I could. I could smell pussy and was rearing to take control. She pushed me back against the chair and clamped her thighs against mine. I slowed to a canter as she rode me and when I stood up she wrapped her legs around my waist and gripped my hair as she directed me to the bedroom. I bucked a little at the stairs and she leaned forward into the jump, my cock driving deep inside her. I pushed against the wall to keep my balance as she steered me to our destination. I tried to drop her on the bed, but she hung on until I sat down, exhausted. Tamed, she climbed off me and took my cock in her mouth again. I love the taste of my juices on your cock, she said between bites. I was getting ready to explode and said so. She gripped the base of my cock and didn’t move until the spasm stopped. In wonder, I found that I had not cum. This was something new. She told me to wait as she left the room with a grin on her face and went downstairs.

As I waited, I lay on my back wondering what she was up to. My heart was still racing and I was a little out of breath. I could hear her walking up the stairs again and closed my eyes. I was starting to like being surprised. As she came into the room she told me to sit up in a tone of voice I had never heard before.

Sit up.


You heard me. Sit up. Are you still hard?

She squeezed my cock a little. It was still wet from her pussy.

Good. Turn around and pose doggy style.

I did as I was told. I told myself I didn’t want to ruin the mood and I had enjoyed everything so far.

I was talking to your wife earlier. She told me you were acting like a little bitch. Calling her all the time at work.

I was stunned.

She asked if I could train you to be better behaved.

What the fuck?

Smack. My ass stung and the words fell from my lips.

She spanked me again and my cock stood to attention.

I was told that if you acted like a little bitch, we were going to start treating you like a little bitch.

Smack. My ass felt warm.

Tonight you are going to learn who is in charge. I know you thought you had it made having two women to fuck. What man wouldn’t, but I am here to tell you how it really is.

Smack. Okay. That wasn’t her hand. Chill lady. What the…

Something hard was pressed into my mouth and she tied a strap around my head. Then next thing I know, she has cuffed my wrists to the bed. Where did those come from?


You will speak when spoken to and not before. Do you understand?

I didn’t know what else to do, so I nodded my head.


You will not call unless you are asked to call. Either of us. Do you understand?



Nod your head.

I shook my head.


Fuck was that a flogger?! Why is my cock so hard?

You will fuck us when and only when we tell you too. Do you understand?

I nodded my head. She did not flog me.

You will fuck us properly and will not cum until we have cum. Do you understand?

How the hell was I supposed to do that?


Ouch. I nodded my head.

I will teach you how to control your orgasms so you can achieve this.

Just then, I heard the door open downstairs. Someone else came into the room. I heard my wife’s voice. I thought she was only getting back tomorrow. Obviously this was planned. I felt my cuffs loosened and hands on both sides helped me up off the bed. I stood looking at these two women with a gag in my mouth and a raging hard on. My wife was wearing the sexiest corset I had ever seen and she held a riding crop in her left hand. She walked up to me with a smile on her face and held my cock in her hand.

Did Steph explain the situation to you?

I nodded.

You may call us mistress.

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