I hear the door close behind him.  He. has. arrived.  He is a stranger to me and I do not know what he looks like, feels like or smells like… yet.  I lay completely naked and blindfolded with a dark silk sash on the bed anticipating his arrival.  The stranger.  The anonymous stranger.  I feel his presence very close to me and hear every single sound as he undresses beside the bed. His belt buckle, his pants dropping to the floor, the unbuttoning of his shirt.  His clothes fall to the floor.  I am veiled in darkness yet I know he has seen me, lying, waiting, wanting.  I am so wet with yearning and excitement and…fear.  A slight twinge of fearful delight.

He takes my right wrist and gently wraps it in soft rope and ties it firmly to the bedpost.  He leans over me to tie my other wrist to the opposite post and I get the first sweet sexy smell of him as he hovers his face over mine.  He gets close enough to mine that I feel his breath but nothing else.  He then moves to my ankles, tying each of them tightly to the bed posts.  His hands are big and soft to the touch.  Blindfolded and bound, I feel completely vulnerable, naked, waiting for his next move.  I am so wet and excited for him to take control and ravish me as he wishes…  Suddenly I feel him come up between my legs slowly kissing my thighs back and forth as he rises to my luscious wet bud.  He slowly begins licking my clit up and down, back and forth as he reaches one strong hand behind grabbing my ass hard.  Without a word he slips three strong fingers deep into my honey pot and begins to stroke my G spot while licking my pretty pink parts at the same time.  Tied up like a starfish and unable to participate, I lay restrained and blinded losing myself in his touch, smell and feel as he works another finger inside me.  He squeezes my butt forcefully with his huge hand and starts tickling me with his middle finger of the other deep deep inside me.  I let out a moan of delight as I squirt all over his fingers and hand.  I let out a cry of pure ecstasy as he slowly pulls his fingers out and then I hear him proceed to lick my juices off each finger one by one.  He crawls up to my face, his hard body pressing up against my breasts as he inches up my body like a snake locking in on it’s prey.  I feel his massive cock rub against my belly button and he gives me a deep long hard kiss before bringing his luscious member to my mouth and proceeding to sit on my face.  I start sucking his hard rod from top to bottom and he forces it deeper down my throat.  He pulls it out and slaps my face reminding me of who is in control before inching his throbbing dick back down my deep throat again.  After choking me a few times, making me gag and my eyes water while I yearn for it even more, he pulls it out and moves down my lusting body finally sticking it deep inside me.  I moan at the first feeling of his huge cock filling me up and hitting all of my sweet spots making me gush all over his rock hard member.  He fucks me slow and hard, sucking hard on my neck as I brace him with my hips for each thrust.  I can feel his body pushing up hard against mine as he pulls on my hair and bites my neck.  Never having seen my stranger, our bodies move like a wave, up and down together as we find our sexual rhythm and electricity.  He nibbles forcefully on my sensitive nipples just as I explode all over him, begging for him to keep going and give it to me harder and harder.  He says nothing but continues to fuck me harder and deeper and harder and deeper.  I feel his big hands around my hips thrusting me into his hard body, taking me all the way.  His vibration inside of me grows and he pulls out straddling my hips and blows his load all over my bountiful breasts.  I lay there weak and blissed covered in my warm wetness and his sweet cum.  He gets up off of my sex soaked body and gently unties my wrists and my ankles.  For the first time he speaks to me and tells me not to move or take off my silk blindfold until he leaves.  I nod without saying a word as I hear him begin to dress himself slowly.  I hear his belt buckle buckle, the buttons on his shirt being done up one by one and then I hear him putting on his jacket, keys jingling in the pocket.  He leans over me and whispers “good girl” in my ear before giving me one last hard passionate kiss.

I hear him leave my room and after putting on his shoes I hear the front door closing behind him.  I bask in my sexual prowess for daring to invite over an anonymous stranger.  I soak up the sexual energy pulsing through my body, my salacious hunger not only satisfied but ignited with fire.

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